Patchnotes 4.1. – Akualisiert (Rise of the Zandalari Features)

Blizzard hat auf mmo-champion noch einmal eine Zusammenfassung aller Patchinhalte dargelegt, unter anderem tauchte darin dieser Satz auf:

Blizzard just posted a recap of the Patch 4.1 features, which is basically a „we won’t tell you yet, but patch is on April 26/27th„.

Ob man dieses Datum wirklich als Releasedatum ansehen kann, bleibt offen, aber man darf ja noch hoffen 😉

Zu den aktuellen Patchnotes auf mmo-champion (english): Patch 4.1: Rise of the Zandalari Features , deutsch: Patch 4.1: Der Aufstieg der Zandalari – neue Funktionen

Die einleitenden Worte mit den Hauptinhalten des Patches:

Patch 4.1 will soon be upon us, and it’s high time we dig into the meat of this patch to digest the new content, features, and official patch notes. The rise of the Zandalari is happening soon on a realm near you, so make sure you’ve read up on the new level-85 Stranglethorn quest line, as well as the updated dungeons of Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman — now suitable for five level-85 players with an average item level of 346 or higher. All-new epic gear, rare mounts, pets, and other interesting treasures await you, should you be able to rise to the challenge of the Zandalari!

If you’ve found yourself waiting in dungeon queues longer than you’d like, we have a new system, Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms, you should know about. The Dungeon Finder will be offering an additional incentive to players of underrepresented class roles. With this feature we hope to get you into the action faster.

We’ve also built a new Guild Finder feature into the game interface and plan to expand upon its functionality in upcoming patches. Whether you’re a player looking for a guild, or a guild leader looking to recruit, this system facilitates those activities. We’re continuing to update, improve, and adjust the Guild Advancement system and want to make sure you’re given the tools to find and maintain a fun guild.

If you’re already tackling content with your guildmates, you’ll probably be interested in the upcoming Guild Challenges. By completing dungeons, raids, and Rated Battlegrounds in guild groups, you’ll attain new achievements, accrue gold for the Guild Vault, and earn guild experience above the current daily cap. We plan to introduce more Guild Challenges in future updates.

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Eine Antwort zu Patchnotes 4.1. – Akualisiert (Rise of the Zandalari Features)

  1. talf schreibt:

    Dem oben genannten Datum ist zu trauen 😉 Viel Spaß beim patchen!

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